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Originals – Traditional

Sycamore Stream

Sycamore Stream ****SOLD****

Turtle Hole

Turtle Hole ****SOLD****

Autumn Barn

Autumn Barn ****SOLD****

Blue Ridge Blue Sky

Blue Ridge Blue Sky ****SOLD****

White Rock at Bloomery Hollow, WV

White Rock at Bloomery Hollow, WV ****SOLD****


Image Size: 10 x 7.75 | Frame Size: 20 x 16 | Call for price

Bahia Honda

Image Size: 4.75 x 6.5 | Frame Size: 12.75 x 14.5 | Call for price

Sea Peach

Image Size: 7 x 10 | Framed Size: 17 x 20 | Call for price

Windswept Pine, Saugatuck, MI

Image Size: 10.5 x 15 | Frame Size: 21.5 x 26 | Call for price

Hilton Head, SC

Image Size: 9.5 x 14 | Frame Size: 20 x 24 | Call for price

Old Jake

Old Jake ****SOLD****

Waiting For The Parade

Waiting For The Parade ****SOLD****

Glen Burnie Red Bud

Glen Burnie Red Bud ****SOLD****

Red Bud Lane

Red Bud Lane ****SOLD****

A New Bloom

A New Bloom ****SOLD****

Red Bud Creek

Red Bud Creek ****SOLD****

Blue Ridge Red Buds

Blue Ridge Red Buds ****SOLD****

The Mill at Opequon

The Mill At Opequon ****SOLD****


Weathered ****SOLD****

Dune Shadows

Dune Shadows ****SOLD****


Skyward ****SOLD****

Quiet Sands

Quiet Sands ****SOLD****

Restless II

Restless II ***SOLD***

Grand Cayman Shadows

Grand Cayman Shadows ****SOLD****

Black Creek Sycamore

Black Creek Sycamore ****SOLD****

Winter Sunset

Winter Sunset ****SOLD****

Visiting Wyeth

Visiting Wyeth ****SOLD****

A Beautiful Day

A Beautiful Day ****SOLD***
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