Faded Artwork?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Protecting your art

Do you have faded artwork hanging on your walls? Protecting your artwork from fading is as easy as using the right glass. The Eugene B. Smith Gallery frames with Conservation Grade glass products, including Conservation Clear® and Conservation Reflection Control®, which effectively blocks 99% of all harmful UV light rays. Since UV light rays come from indoor and outdoor light sources, all items on display are vulnerable to the damaging effects of UV light exposure. The pictures at right give a clear example of what UV light can do to your artwork when it is not protected.

Without at least 97% UV protection, framed pieces will age and fade more rapidly.  Indoor and outdoor UV light rays contribute to severe color loss, paper embrittlement and deterioration of framed pieces. These effects are both cumulative and irreversible.  Photos may appear yellow or stained with ghostly silver deposits rising to the surface. Once damage from light has occurred, it can never be reversed. That’s why it is important to understand what you can do to minimize this type of damage before it happens. While it is very important to reduce UV light exposure, this alone will not eliminate fading and other deterioration.  All light, not just UV light can be damaging.  Heat, pollution, moisture & the materials that make up the piece are all contributing factors. Hanging or displaying the piece in a controlled lighting environment with low humidity is recommended.

Our head framer, Marilynn uses conservation clear & conservation reflection control glass on all of Eugene’s originals and signed & numbered prints. While the images pictured above are not Eugene’s artwork, you can certainly see a major difference in the colors. We explain to our customers why we use protective glass and encourage them to do the same on all of their artwork as well. Years from now their family will thank them when the old photos still look good!